From loss to lawsuit: Ontario dad’s emotional rollercoaster as government offers deal after son dies suddenly

Dan Hartman has made it his life’s mission to get justice for his teenage son Sean, who died suddenly at the hands of the 'safe and effective' COVID-19 vaccine narrative.

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The government has offered compensation, in a roundabout way, to an Ontario father who is still mourning the loss of his teenage son, Sean, who died suddenly at the hands of the safe and effective narrative in 2021.

Dan Hartman is an Ontario father turned rigorous advocate who has made it his life’s mission to get answers for the tragic and untimely death of Sean following his Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA injection.

“Four days after his very first shot of Pfizer, he was taken to emergency by his mother,” Hartman explains before breaking into tears.

"He had brown circles around his eyes, a rash, vomiting, extremely sore shoulder, opposite to his injection shoulder, which could be heart damage because the pain could travel to the other side of the body. The doctor there did not do any blood work whatsoever. He didn't do a D-dimer test. He didn't do a troponin test. He just gave him a pain reliever for his shoulder and sent him home. And then 33 days after Sean's first shot, he was found dead on the floor beside his bed."

After this horrific incident, Hartman took to a Toronto Board of Health hearing in an attempt to seek answers on behalf of his departed son, who then censored his testimony.

At that time, independent data analyst and concerned citizen Kelly Brown was working tirelessly to dissect and share Public Health Ontario’s data showing concerning rates of myocarditis post-COVID-19 vaccination in young males.

Since then, Hartman sought assistance from the pandemic-born Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP), which was denied within a month of filing based on a lack of evidence. Hartman has since appealed that decision citing new evidence obtained by pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole showing vaccine-derived spike in Sean’s tissue samples. VISP has yet to respond to this appeal.

While the original pathologist who did Sean’s autopsy said his cause of death was unascertained, Hartman says they did find a “slightly enlarged heart,” but this finding was dismissed as being typical of athletes.

“They said that it's perfectly normal for an athlete to have a slightly enlarged heart,” detailed Hartman, “but Sean had to take a whole year off hockey. So he was anything but an athlete. He was sitting on his bed playing video games.”

The forced isolation was part of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Stay-At-Home orders and the various states of emergency declared throughout 2020 and 2021.

“He never would have stopped hockey if he didn't have to,” Hartman shared.

Then, once indoor sports resumed, Sean had to become “fully vaccinated” according to the Ontario Minor Hockey Association's vaccine mandate if he wanted to partake. As a result of this policy, Sean will never play hockey again.

Hartman has since obtained additional evidence as to what he says caused his son's tragic and untimely death, from pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole who found vaccine-derived spike protein in his adrenal glands.

“It shouldn't have been there,” explains Hartman. “The adrenal glands control your blood pressure. Likely what happened is Sean's blood pressure crashed in the middle of the night and he died. He might have went into a seizure trying to get out of his bed because something was wrong and he fell to the floor and died. It was caused from the vaccine. Sean didn't have COVID.”

Armed with these answers and a fire to advocate on behalf of others too, Hartman has pivoted from simply seeking answers for Sean, to providing Justice for Sean, which is why he has filed two different lawsuits with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The first lawsuit names the Attorney General of Canada, the Department of Health Canada and former Minister of Health Patty Hajdu who was responsible for issuing the interim order that authorized the novel shots for emergency use.

The claim is seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages for loss of care, guidance and companionship, shock, malfeasance in public office, deceit and fraud, negligence, punitive damages, and more.

The second lawsuit is against Pfizer Canada, Pfizer Inc and the BioNTech Manufacturing facility in Germany. Claims for damages are similar, but also include product liability and more.

The Ontario regional office for the Department of Justice Canada has since responded to the claim, requesting a discontinuance. This would mean a full withdrawal of Hartman’s claim in exchange for waiving the costs associated with their intent to file a motion to strike. Pfizer responded that they plan to respond further.

Hartman said absolutely not, and shares that this is about more than Sean’s senseless death.

“I want justice for my son and arguably for every other Canadian that's been adversely affected by this narrative. I'm doing it for everybody who's been affected. There's nothing I can do to help Sean now, but if I can help other people and save some lives, then [it] makes this all worthwhile,” Hartman says.

Those who want to support Hartman in this journey can purchase hoodies and t-shirts, which he says can’t be censored, or fund his crowdfunding efforts here.

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