From terrified of COVID to fearless Rebel News reporter: Drea Humphrey tells her story

Drea Humphrey details the journey that saw her go from afraid of COVID-19 when the pandemic was first declared to fearlessly reporting for Rebel News.

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This past weekend, White Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church hosted an “Evening with Drea Humphrey” event, where I was invited to tell the story of what fuelled my courage to bring viewers the other side of the story with Rebel News.

In front of a full sanctuary, I shared my journey from overcoming an illogical fear of COVID-19 — risking my career as a mental health professional — to speak out against the harms lockdowns were doing to people struggling with mental health and addictions and how this eventually led to a call from Rebel News.

You can see my full speech in the video above, and you can click here to watch me answer some of the interesting questions that were posed by the event's attendees during the Q&A portion of the event, including this great question: “As a Christian journalist, what question would you ask Satan if you could?”

White Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church is scheduled to host another prominent British Columbian on March 2.

To find out more about the latest plight of Dr. Charles Hoffe, who has been persecuted by his licensing body after he stood up for the freedom of medical choice during COVID-19 tyranny, you can click on the link here.

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