Gender dysphoria: Trans ideology vs science

Today I bring you an interview of someone very qualified to speak about gender dysphoria, who shares some concerns about how it's treated today compared to when he himself was diagnosed with it.

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You know how these days, it’s very easy to think of something that most people are thinking — but if you say it out loud, you run the risk of being called a transphobe?

Like, maybe you’ve questioned how fair it is for biological males, who became transgender women, to be able to compete against biological women in sports.

Or maybe you saw multiple reports about an adult who allegedly sexually assaulted a small child in a park, and scratched your head a bit when mainstream media outlets identified the individual as a woman named Ruby Eby. You thought, did anyone investigate how long ago this person started identifying as a transgender woman, to see if it’s possible that they just preferred to go to a women’s prison? Ah, that’s transphobic.

But perhaps the quickest way to be called a transphobe, even when you’re a transgender person yourself, is if you stand up and say that maybe we need to give children with gender dysphoria a bit more time to age before we allow them to medically transition their bodies. Especially in ways that are sometimes impossible to reverse. Now that gets things heated really fast.

Well, today I bring you an interview of someone very qualified to speak about gender dysphoria, who also shares some concerns about the condition today compared to when he himself was diagnosed with it. Aaron Kimberly is the founder of an international organization called the Gender Dysphoria Alliance. The organization’s primary goal is to depoliticize gender dysphoria by separating the condition and its treatments from queer theory, and to advocate for a narrative on gender dysphoria that is based on medical evidence instead.

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