Woman allegedly sexually assaults young boy at Toronto park — but "she" is really a "he"

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Recently, the Toronto Police Service announced that they had charged a 33-year-old woman, Ruby Eby, with sexual interference with a person under 16 and sexual assault. This alleged incident occurred at Walter Saunders Memorial Park on May 20. Police reportedly believe that there may be other victims.

All of which struck us as being somewhat odd. After all, a mature woman sexually assaulting a minor is highly unusual.

Well, our suspicions that something was not quite right with this story were confirmed once we saw the mugshot of the suspect. Which is to say, Ms. Eby would be more accurately described as Mr. Eby, given that this person is obviously a biological male.

But how can this be? How can a bona fide man pass himself off as a fake woman?

We reached out to Toronto police and they issued the following statement:

Ruby Eby identifies as a woman. The Toronto Police Service recognizes that people have the right to identify by their choice and respect this decision.

What sort of politically correct madness is this?

And if “Ms.” Eby is found guilty, where will he do his time? Well, at a woman’s penitentiary, of course, even if he is still in possession of fully male genitalia. Indeed, what a terrific way this is for perverts to continue abusing people, be it children or biological female inmates who are vulnerable to a biological man.

Does this seem fair? Does this seem just? And why is society bending its knee to the demands of crackpot radical transgender activists?

Treating biological male criminals as females is disgusting, disgraceful, and downright dangerous. It must come to an end. Now.

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