Google technician to Project Veritas: company 'playing God'

Google technician to Project Veritas: company 'playing God'
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Investigative journalists at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas have released an undercover video which shows a Google employee accusing the company of trying to “play God” with search results. The employee also goes on to reveal the company’s culture of political bias.

Shown in the video is a technical program manager at Google who can be heard discussing the tech giant's often blatant bias against President Trump and his campaign.

“Trump says something, misinformation, you’re gonna delete that because it’s illegal under whatever pretext,” he stated.

“If a Democratic leader says that, then you’re gonna leave it like that, so I’m like, okay, you’re not following one way or the other. You are just plain and simple trying to play God.”

In another conversation recorded by the undercover journalist, the employee can be heard discussing Google and its ties to China.

Google Employee: “I can’t keep doing this. Go and teach Chinese people how to do American jobs and come back and get surveilled on the way.”

Journalist: “Were you doing that for Google?

Google Employee: “Google, FitBit. Yeah. Those two companies, primarily.”

Journalist: “So, you were going there and working for Google in China?”

Google Employee:“Yeah.”

Journalist: “Wow. That’s scary. I’m scared they’re gonna start doing stuff like that here.”

Google Employee: “Yeah. And when you have these candid conversations with your friends who are centrist or Republicans, then you wonder, all of a sudden, like, ‘Oh, I should vote for Trump.’”

In the recordings, the Google employee can be heard expressing his annoyance with the “ultra-leftist attitude” at Google, where “your entire existence is questioned."

“When I worked for Caterpillar or Corning, politics didn’t really matter,” he stated. “You just do your job and: ‘Let’s make tractors, let’s make glass.’"

He also commented on the events that took place after the 2016 election, where employees were crying in corridors and taking absence from work due to the outcome of the election.

“That kind of stuff — I’m like — are you serious, are you kidding me?” he said.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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