Grande Prairie residents protest local drag queen story hour

Protesters demonstrated outside the Grande Prairie Public Library for hosting an event for children that they said was not age appropriate. 'Young children should [not] have these adult-minded issues pushed on them.'

Grande Prairie residents protest local drag queen story hour
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Grande Prairie residents are upset after their public library held a drag queen story hour, drawing at least two dozen protesters boycotting "Storytime with Tiffany."

"Join us in the Play Zone for Family Literacy Week storytime with Tiffany, a local drag performer. Come enjoy an evening storytime for the whole family," said the Grande Prairie Public Library.

One lady protesting held a sign that said, "No drag queens allowed in Alberta."

According to sources, protesters shut down the event Tuesday evening after a non-protester pulled a fire alarm inside the building. 

Elliott McDavid, the resident who verbally accosted Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, confirmed to the Western Standard that someone had pulled a fire alarm.

The mainstream media labelled McDavid a "right-wing extremist" as an "active organizer of freedom convoy events in his area."

"A drag queen was talking to children. We protested that children do not need to be confused with a man dressed up in drag telling stories," said McDavid.

"God made man and woman, and the child should have a chance to find that out on their own."

McDavid believes that since children are impressionable until their early teens, they shouldn't be allowed to form their "own authentic self."

McDavid protested at the Grande Prairie Public Library for hosting an event for children that he said was not age appropriate. He said young children should "[not] have these adult-minded issues pushed on them."

Despite raging hostilities from supporters of the venue, the local said it did not bother him.

"These people were very hostile and pushing and swearing at us. It was very disturbing," said McDavid.

He clarified that he has nothing against differing sexual orientations but wants to protect the innocence of children.

"We all bleed red, and at the end of the day, the prime minister pushes this sort of activity because it helps to weaken society and destroy the moral fabric of this country."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently appeared on TV's "Drag Race," where contestants directed a barrage of crude comments at him. They called Trudeau "daddy" and cat-called the Liberal Party leader.

Since 2015, the prime minister's support for sexual minorities remained unwavering as he publicly attended pride parades across the country. 

He also issued many formal apologies for past injustices faced by them.

According to a report published by Statistics Canada in 2021, one million sexual minorities reside in Canada, representing approximately 2.7% of the total population — up from 1.7% in 2003. 

The report acknowledged almost one-third of sexual minority Canadians are under 25 years of age — compared to only 7% over 65.

"This sh*t has to stop, and this country needs to unite. All peoples, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation," said McDavid.

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