Green Party mutiny continues as they turn against Annamie Paul for being pro-Israel

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Annamie Paul is under attack these days. Which isn’t unusual when it comes to the bloodsport that is politics. It’s just that the attacks are coming from within her own party, mutiny-style.

Indeed, according to media reports, the Green Party's governing body was planning on holding a confidence vote on Paul's leadership. This would also entail reviewing her membership in the party. But these plans were cancelled – no doubt due to the looming federal election that seems likely to occur sometime in September.

But make no mistake: this was not a complete victory for Paul. The Green Party executive fired the staff in Paul's office. And it did not release any funding to support her riding campaign. What a fascinating election strategy!

But the question is: why the acrimony? Why the infighting? Why the hate-on for Ms. Paul? Well, the unspoken reason why so many Greens are turning red with rage regarding Ms. Paul seems to have everything to do with… her opinions regarding Mideast policy?!

When tensions were hitting a boiling point with Israel and Hamas back in May, Paul issued a statement calling for a de-escalation and a return to dialogue. That sounds rational, but not to the “progressive” Israel-haters in the Green Party, of which there appears to be many.

Indeed, there are rumblings of full-out antisemitism within the party. And I think this hate really ramped up when word got out that Annamie Paul is — wait for it — Jewish. You know, I bet most people — Green Party members included — had no idea about Annamie Paul’s faith. After all, being female and black, Annamie was well on her way toward a Royal Flush in the identity politics card game. But her being Jewish and pro-Israel… ouch! That’s a bit of a setback, isn’t it? Well, at least in the eyes of the uber-progressives who make up the Green Party rank and file.

It looks like the mutiny against Annamie Paul is back on, big time. The Green Party is taking her to court. The party wants to overturn the arbitration that cancelled the confidence vote and membership review.

Yesterday David Menzies stepped in to guest host The Ezra Levant Show while Ezra is on assignment in Alberta. On the Green Party trying to remove Paul from ger position David said:

Bottom line: the documents clearly indicate that the Green Party is at war with itself. It’s kinda like what would’ve been the case in Ontario during the 2018 election campaign if Patrick Brown was allowed to remain on as leader of the PC Party. The only difference being that Brown deserved to be ousted, given that his actions proved he was a closet Liberal. Whereas, in my opinion, Annamie Paul does not deserve to be removed, given that her only sin is that she is simply too pro-Israel, she is… you know, a little too “Jew-y.”

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