Greens MP, feminist appear alongside accused kidnapper at anti-Israel rally

Controversy brews as Victorian Greens MP appears at Melbourne event alongside accused kidnapper.

Greens MP, feminist appear alongside accused kidnapper at anti-Israel rally
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Greens MP Gabrielle de Vietri was spotted addressing a rally at Melbourne's Federation Square on Thursday, alongside accused kidnapper Mohammad Sharab.

Despite claims from a Greens spokesperson that Sharab was not a scheduled speaker, his presence raised eyebrows, especially considering his alleged involvement in a violent kidnapping incident earlier this year.

The event, which also featured figures like controversial feminist Clementine Ford and Burgertory restaurant owner Hash Tayeh, drew attention due to Sharab's connection to an ongoing criminal case.

Sharab, a familiar face at anti-Israel gatherings, stands accused of being part of a group that violently abducted and assaulted a Melbourne man in February. His co-accused, Laura Allam, allegedly orchestrated the kidnapping.

During her speech, De Vietri accused the government of complicity in "genocide" and criticised its environmental stance.

This isn't the first time De Vietri has courted controversy regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, having previously been involved in a anti-Israel stunt at the parliament earlier this year.

These actions have drawn sharp criticism from Senior Liberal MP David Southwick, who questioned De Vietri's suitability for office, particularly during a time when anti-Jewish sentiment is on the rise.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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