Groundbreaking COVID-19 inquiry report says preserving free speech is ‘pivotal’

Four independent commissioners, entrusted with evaluating the validity and proportionality of COVID-19 health protection measures, have concluded their comprehensive and diligent eight-month analysis, unveiling a robust report with urgent government recommendations.

Groundbreaking COVID-19 inquiry report says preserving free speech is ‘pivotal’
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The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) held a virtual hearing this morning to raise public awareness of the unveiling of its commissioner's final report.

As a citizen-led, citizen-funded initiative, four commissioners were tasked with overseeing two months of testimonies that extended across Canada. These hearings, spanning hundreds of hours, included insights from both expert and non-expert individuals affected by alleged health protection measures.

The final report included close to 80 pages of recommendations, many of which stem from the importance of protecting freedom of speech in Canada.

“The only way out of this conundrum is through our constitutionally protected freedom of speech,” it read. “Wherein widely held beliefs, thoughts, and opinions are respected, and likewise, conversations, debates, and dissenting voices are heard. This should be particularly true in the scientific and medical professions.”

Commissioner Dr. Bernard Massie, a retired microbiology professor and biotech consultant, said that the recommendations underscore the importance of discerning between knowledge derived from rigorous scientific methods and ideologically motivated propaganda.

The commissioners proposed basic academic training in critical thinking for those engaging in public forums, with experts who could demonstrate cutting-edge knowledge and expertise, lack conflicts of interest, and are willing to participate in evidence-based public debates.

Dr. Massie acknowledged that implementing these recommendations would be challenging but concluded that “once we know, we can no longer un-know, and the truth will set us free.”

Due to the extreme suppression of freedom of expression and free speech throughout the COVID-hysteria, an important revelation from the NCI was that those participating learned they were not alone.

It was part of the NCI’s mandate to assess the proportionality and the justification of the COVID-19 response measures implemented by government and unelected public health bureaucrats. The unquestionable adherence to these measures by the masses left many Canadians critical of the response feeling like outliers.

Constitutional lawyer Sean Buckley referred to the historic report and analysis conducted by the NCI as the “largest and most robust record of the COVID experience in the world.”

It began eight months ago, on March 16 in Truro, Nova Scotia.

“We issued summons after summons, inviting government officials to attend and participate but not a single government official chose to attend is part of our historical record and their absence speaks loudly,” said Buckley.

The commissioners emphasized the need for more investigation and inquiry. However, they highlight the inherent conflict of interest involved with the government – which imposed such harsh and sweeping measures – that cannot ethically and impartially investigate itself.

The NCI sought accountability for the harms imposed on Canadians over the last three years and acted as a critical, impartial investigator in the absence of the active participation of government officials responsible for these destructive measures.

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