Research Scientist Denis Rancourt: 'We’re absolutely convinced that this was not a viral respiratory disease pandemic that caused death'

Mr. Rancourt was invited to share his work at the National Citizens Inquiry, and to clarify the reality of what happened during the pandemic.

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Denis Rancourt holds a BA, MA in Physics and PhD from the University of Toronto. He then completed postdoctoral studies in safe synthesis chemistry of new materials in France. His expertise has led him to interdisciplinary research and possibly to work in the field of environmental biogeochemistry.

Rancourt was invited to share his work during the National Citizens Inquiry, done on a volunteer basis, in order to clarify the reality of what happened with the pandemic. 

“My overall conclusion, after many years of work no , three years of detailed work, we have written over 30 scientific papers on this subject. If governments had not reacted at all, there would have been no excess mortality,' said Rancourt.

The conclusion is rather ambiguous for Mr. Rancourt, the action of the governments would have caused an increase in mortality among the populations. 

“I don’t see any evidence that there was a particularly violent pathogen that appeared on the planet and started to cause death. I don’t see the evidence for that. And in fact, when I analyzed all-cause mortality, I can prove that the patterns of death are inconsistent with the theory that there was a spread of viral respiratory disease.”

Mr. Rancourt explains the findings of the statistical observations and official figures throughout the pandemic. The figures are documented by official government bodies and this is what made this in-depth analysis possible. 

"Mortality from all causes is well documented by virtually every modern state in the world and is also collected by international bodies at different levels," said Rancourt. "So that’s the kind of statistic we do best as societies. There are institutional rules. There are laws. A nation needs to know how many people die, where they die, under what circumstances."

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  • By Ezra Levant

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