Green “ghouls” celebrate COVID-19 for lowering carbon emissions

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The entire nation is under house arrest, a China-spawned plague is tearing through our nursing homes and killing our grandparents, and double digit unemployment is hammering Canadian families.

It’s a financial and social disaster caused by a forced shut down of society to stop the coronavirus from spreading that may not have even been necessary. It will take decades for the economy and the nation to recover from it.

However, all of this may be an opportunity for the ghoulish far left environmental movement that never seems to let a good tragedy go to waste.

Many see this pandemic and the totalitarian measures to keep people at home as a blueprint to combat the so-called climate emergency. Fewer people driving to work means fewer greenhouse gas emissions which mean more happy environmentalists as their fellow Canadians languish in desperation and isolation.

This is bad news for freedom and bad news for humanity.

My guest tonight is Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition, to discuss the anti-people environmentalism rearing its ugly head during the pandemic and how the virus models have been as wrong as the climate ones.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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