The reason people are moving to Alberta in droves makes dollars and sense

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Alberta's tax regime is just one reason the province is seeing inward migration levels not seen in decades.

Kris Sims, the Alberta Director of the Canadian Tax Payers Federation, is a brand new Albertan but a long-time advocate for smaller government and lower taxes.

So, she is fitting right in to her new hometown in Southern Alberta.

As a lifelong Albertan, I forget how much money families here save by not having to pay a provincial sales tax, but Kris ran the numbers for an average family.

According to Kris:

"We saved about $80 each while holiday shopping between American Thanksgiving & New Year’s Eve. Saved about $184 million across the province. In contrast: East coast shoppers paid about $113 extra each in PST!"

Not only are Albertans saving big money without a PST, but to fight inflation, Danielle Smith, Alberta's conservative premier, suspended the collection of the provincial portion of the gas tax until at least June.

Is it any wonder why people are moving to Alberta in droves? Even if you don't care about the culture of freedom here, you might care about having more cash in your pocket.

Joining me tonight is Kris to discuss why she packed up her family for Wildrose Country, why it's so much more affordable here, and what we can all do to keep it that way!

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