Our veterans are being bullied into MAID and here's the proof

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Veterans Minister denies veterans being bullied into medical assistance in dying is a systemic problem.

But Canadian veterans have the proof. Some received recommendations to end it all in writing, like Paralympian veteran Christine Gauthier did. And another was savvy enough to record a veteran's affairs case worker overly suggesting he would be better off dead, and all he had to do was ask.

Host of Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast Mark Meinke, is a CAF veteran himself. He testified before a House of Commons committee about the veterans that have come to him, saying they, too, were offered the option of a state-sanctioned homicide rather than the help they were asking for from the VAC.

Veteran Affairs minister Lawrence McAulay has denied the practice of offering medical assistance in dying to suffering veterans was a VAC policy and has instead implied it was the act of one rogue bureaucrat.

Gauthier disputes McAulay, saying she received the offer from two separate case workers when she asked for a wheelchair ramp for her home after sustaining a training-related injury that eventually left her in a wheelchair.

Joining tonight is Mark Meinke to discuss the ghoulish VAC practice of offering death to veterans who call for help.

If you are a veteran with a story to tell, reach out to Mark. You are not alone.

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