Will the Omicron variant steal Christmas?

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It's Christmas season and the COVID Karens are caroling from the same song sheet: Cancel the turkey dinner because the Omicron variant will be the uninvited guest at the table.

Though the newest iteration of the Wuhan flu is by most reports milder and less severe, politicians, public health officials and the news talking heads are telling us to freak out, stay home, and get a booster shot of a vaccine they can't definitely state will be effective against the Omicron strain.

Couple this newest scare with the expiring efficacy of vaccines against the former variants and big pharma is going to have a very green Christmas, while the rest of us are either segregated or segregating on behalf of the government.

Today, on the show, COVID contrarian Alberta pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson welcomes me into his home to discuss the Omicron variant, jabs for kids, and what comes next for society. Hint: he's hopeful.


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