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It's called "Church Under Fire: Canada's War on Christianity," and it details the attacks on the brave pastors who resisted the lockdowns on places of worship.

When harsher covid restrictions came to churches than were imposed on them, a few pastors across the country knew something was wrong, and they acted. They refused to limit church attendance to meet an arbitrary government edict and obeyed God's laws over that of man.

And they paid the price for that moral stand for religious freedom.

Some went to jail. Some had their church buildings seized. Others faced both consequences.

Whether the pastors were gentle as lambs or roaring like lions, it didn't matter to the government. Their crimes were not of style or mannerism. Their crimes were obedience to their Biblical mandate to honour their sacred covenant to shepherd their flock. They would not bow before the golden calf of the state.

Kian Simone, our very talented chief documentary filmmaker and I have already been hard at work gathering interviews and travelling across the country to create a movie that the government doesn't want to be made. Kian joins me tonight to discuss the documentary's progress and why we both know we had to make it, no matter what.

If you'd like to support our work, we have some excellent perks to thank you for helping us complete our mission. Please visit www.SaveTheChristians.com to donate and to see what we have done so far.

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