A lousy budget and a carbon tax hike, all in one week

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Canadians are being battered by bad government.

An article for Sun papers by Franco Terrazzano, the Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation, described the ballooning federal spending levels promised in the next budget. It's scary.

"In 2022, spending was $470 billion. In 2023, it will be $491 billion.
Spending will climb to $509 billion in 2024, $523 billion in 2025, $538 billion in 2026 and $556 billion in 2027.
Does that look like saving money to you?
For politicians reading this in Ottawa, here’s a clue to answer that question: if you increase spending by $85 billion, you’re saving money wrong.

The carbon tax also jumped on April 1 - the joke's on us - to $65/tonne of C02, like anyone knows what a tonne of invisible undeliverables to no one even is. But you're paying for it.

While you are struggling under the crushing burden of the Liberals' carbon tax and inflation caused by their out-of-control spending, the Liberals are on a hiring spree.

According to Blacklock's, new bureaucrats are exceedingly well compensated.

And the MPs took a pay hike too.

What does this all mean for your family? Kris Sims, Alberta Director of the CTF joins me tonight to break down the budget, the carbon tax and how the ballooning scope of government will eat away at your bottom line.

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