Looking back at the year that was and asking what 2023 will bring: Freedom Convoy's Tom Marazzo

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What could motivate a man to willingly lose his job to resist the medical tyranny of forced vaccination and then head to the nation's capital for weeks to protest what had happened to him and so many others across Canada?

It's probably the same sense of duty and moral code that led Tom Marazzo into a military career and then into teaching.

Tom was one of the key participants in last January and February's peaceful Freedom Convoy demonstrations against COVID restrictions.

Towards the end of the protests, Tom was working night and day, to demonstrate to Ottawa residents and the Federal government the good faith of the truckers by moving trucks out of the city's downtown core to alleviate traffic congestion and snarls.

Tom was one of Rebel News' key outside analysts during our coverage of the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) — the official examination of the Trudeau government's use of the war-time law, the Emergencies Act, to put an end to the protests.

And today he joins me to look back on the top stories of the year, including the Freedom Convoy, the POEC, the latest Liberal gun grab and the state of free speech in Canada.

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