Alberta Institute Founder Peter McCaffrey Holds Big Government To Account

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Do you know how your local municipal councillor votes? Did he just vote to raise your taxes? Does he even show up for votes and meetings at all?

When was the last time you went on a government website, downloaded an enormous PDF, and read, front to back, a government bill that was either just proposed or just passed?

I would bet if it's not your job, it's probably not something that you do all that often.

Big Government counts on the reality that most of us are too busy working to pay for Big Government to have the time to pay attention to what Big Government is doing. That's why taxpayer watchdogs and government accountability groups are so important.

The Alberta Institute keeps track of how local politicians vote and how often they show up for work. When they started the simple job of a virtual roll call for municipal politicians, the politicos were so spooked by the new accountability measure that they wanted to able to add context to explain their absences. When you measure something, you change it, and when you monitor politicians, they behave like someone is watching.

Joining me tonight is Peter McCaffrey, the founder of the independent, libertarian think tank the Alberta Institute, to discuss his work to rein in the size and scope of all levels of government and to hold elected officials accountable to the people who elected them.

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