Equipping parents faced with government indoctrination: Alex Newman on Public School Exit

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Alex Newman of the New American Magazine and the Liberty Sentinel is offering parents the tools they need to begin a mass exodus of children from the public school system.

Many of you may know Alex as the climate change skeptic journalist I first met at the 2017 UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, but he is also an author and homeschooler who suggests that it is time to go back to the old way of educating our kids by doing it ourselves. 

The effort is called Public School Exit and it seeks to inspire and equip parents as the first and best teachers in a child’s life to retake control of their child’s learning. PSE does this through a network of churches, pastors, independent teachers, and online resources and materials.

If indoctrination is the problem, PSE offers a solution.

According to PSE:

“The public schools are indoctrinating American children with dangerous propaganda and ideologies, with the goal of turning them against God, Church, Family, Country, Morality, and more. While this problem has gotten worse over the decades, this has been true since the government began taking over education.”

Newman joins me tonight to discuss PSE, receiving the 2020 Dr. Robert Dreyfus Courageous Christian Leadership Award, and the ongoing incarceration of Pastor James Coates.  

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