Exposing the myths of green wind energy

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A new documentary follows the damage caused by a wind farm in Sweden and uncovers the big money, virtue signalling motives and anti-environmental problems caused by trying to combat climate change using so-called green energy.

When European green energy financier Alexander Pohl decided he could no longer take part in a movement he saw as hypocritical and anti-nature, he decided to move his family out of the city to start an eco-farm in northern Sweden. But as soon as he started his new life, the industrialization of nature he had sought to escape was on his doorstep.

A wind farm was going up near Alexander's new home. And when he started to investigate the project, what he discovered about the money trail and the intended purchaser of the electricity being produced troubled him. Large multinational firms were part of the mowing down of vast tracts of the Swedish forest for enormous wind turbines to create energy. And this energy wasn’t meant for Swedish families, but to be sold into Finland to Google to power the company's new data centre so that the American company could reach their own green energy targets.

A modern, efficient fossil fuel project would have a much smaller footprint and produce far more electricity than the turbines littering the Swedish forests. But that wouldn't help Google greenwash itself, so the small Swedish community was left with the industrial eyesore of the turbines and the destruction of their natural environment.

Alexander teamed up with Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels — the mind behind The Uncertainty Has Settled, PARADOGMA and Return to Eden — to create the new completely crowdfunded film, Headwind"21. In it, the two men unravel the myths of green wind energy and expose the reality of what it means to have a wind farm on your doorstep.

Marijn joins me tonight from his home in Germany to discuss the film, what he and Alexander discovered and why despite the personal costs, he continues to tell the other side of the story.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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