The Prairies get a Rebel to call their own

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Saskatchewan is a place full of news.

Some of our biggest successes over the last two years in the name of civil liberties have come out of the Land of Living Skies.

When Pastor Vern Temple's Full Gospel Outreach Church in Prince Albert was given a $14,000 COVID fine after the largely Indigenous congregation sang praises to God without masks on, lawyer Sarah Miller from JSS Barristers was able to have the fine withdrawn.

When the City of Regina bent to a cancel culture mob and scrapped a speech by a world-renowned sustainability expert named Patrick Moore for climate heresy, Rebel News stepped up and hosted Moore to an enormous crowd in the same city.

A place full of news and brave people willing to stand up for civil liberties should have its own Rebel News journalist bringing reports that are important to Saskatchewanians.

That person is Kelly Lamb. She's a former People's Party of Canada candidate and Youtuber with a unique prairie sensibility, passion for the other side of the story and love of freedom. Kelly joins me tonight to discuss joining Rebel News, how she came to conservatism, and what she plans to focus on in her new job.

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