HALLOWEEN HYPOCRISY: Govt's sending mixed messages ahead of Trick-or-Treating

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With continued uncertainty, one thing Ontarians can count on is the government to be the fun police. 

This year, government overreach and bumbling bureaucracy isn't just impacting adults and their ability to make a living... It's also going after our children and their ability to have fun!

As British Columbia sees rising COVID-19 cases and restricted gatherings, their top Doctor still isn’t advising against trick-or-treating. Instead, Dr. Bonnie Henry gives tangible advice on how to address both the issue of the pandemic and let life continue as normally as possible for children. 

Dr. Henry provides innovative ways to hand out candy — an approach that is in stark contrast to Dr. Vera Etches, Ontario's Medical Officer of Health. 

Etches claims that trick-or-treating outdoors is high risk, advises people not to be out celebrating Halloween in a traditional way, and reassures people that they can still have fun…

In what appears to be an attempt by the Government of Ontario to curb confusion, they designed cutesy, single use, throw away print outs to put on your door and advise trick-or-treaters as to whether or not that house is participating in candy giving. 

But… what ever happened to lights off, no decorations meant you weren’t participating in candy hand out? Now we need virtue signalling, apologetic signage to justify our choices? Why is this a thing in Ontario, but not in B.C.? 

One would think a pandemic would require a cohesive approach from all levels of government, across Canada. In one province, where cases are on the rise, their chief Doctor gives practical advice on how to modify trick-or-treating while still participating… while another provinces’ “top doctor” says literally the exact opposite. 

Once again, contradictory hypocrisy seem to be the new normal. And it's the kids who suffer.

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  • By David Menzies


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