We're celebrating 9 years of fearless independent journalism today!

On behalf of the entire Rebel team, I thank you, and I promise you that in return, we'll keep working hard to live up to your expectations.

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I can't believe it — today is the ninth anniversary of Rebel News! 

Thank you for making us Canada’s largest independent news company, despite the establishment’s attempts to censor us. I have three important things to tell you about today:

1. A quick ninth-anniversary update.
2. Why I think 2024 is shaping up to be the best year for freedom-loving Canadians in a decade.
3. But also some bad news — we have been hit with six seemingly coordinated lawsuits in the past month.

So please read to the end — and feel free to send this to friends and family.

Our ninth anniversary

I still remember our first video, back on February 16, 2015: it was literally filmed in my living room. 50,000+ videos later we’re now the largest independent news company in Canada. Our motto is “telling the other side of the story”, and we sure do.

Whether it was our world-famous coverage of the trucker convoy, our annual accountability missions to the World Economic Forum, or our coverage of untouchable subjects like the transgender war against women’s sports, Rebel News provides news and opinion that no-one else does.

Our specialty is being in the field and on the streets where things are happening and capturing it on video. Like our coverage of the 50-year-old Ontario man competing against teenaged girls at swimming competitions, we capture the news that no-one else does, but that everybody else talks about.

And along the way we’ve had to learn how to fight to survive — often going to court to strike down Trudeau’s China-style censorship of us. We’ve had big legal battles and we’ve set some important legal precedents not just for ourselves but for every Canadian.

And not just Canadians: Rebel News is popular around the world, including because of our Australian star, Avi Yemini.

We do more than just news. We make documentary movies, publish best-selling books, put on spectacular events, and we have an online store with some really fun T-shirts! But the most unique thing we do, in my opinion, isn’t our journalism and our activism. It’s helping other people.

We’ve always done that. But it expanded exponentially during the pandemic lockdowns. We’ve used our crowdfunding to help 3,000 different people in Canada, from Christian pastors like Artur Pawlowski to trucker leaders like Tamara Lich — both of whom are still before the courts.

We don’t always win. But whenever we lose, we still get up again. We never stop fighting for freedom. And I think we’ve made a difference. Do you agree? I bet you do, because without you there’d be no Rebel News. We don’t get any government money and we don’t have a big corporate benefactor. We’re crowdfunded by thousands of people — our average donation is $58.

2024 will be the best year yet

You know, in the last month I have felt a major change in the political atmosphere in Canada. Just for example:

Each of these and more are issues that we’ve been fighting for, sometimes alone, for years. I feel like our work is starting to pay off.

But we couldn’t have done it without you. So our birthday celebration isn’t just for our great team of Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies, Alexa Lavoie, Drea Humphrey, Avi Yemini and more. It’s for you, the loyal viewers who have given us life through your support. 2024 will be our best year yet. But it will also be our toughest year yet.

Six recent lawsuits against us

I haven’t told you about it yet, but in the past 30 days or so we have been hit with six lawsuits, all attacking us for our journalism.

Together, we are being sued for close to $2 million. Four of those lawsuits certainly seem connected. It looks like it’s a campaign to kill Rebel News — or at least make us burn up our time and money fighting lawsuits rather than fighting leftists.

But they don’t understand that we never back down. Their attempts to kill Rebel News are just proof that we’re really making a difference.

And our haters don’t understand that our supporters always have our backs — because we always have their backs.

Which is why I’d like to invite you to celebrate our ninth anniversary by making a gift to help us keep going, and to fight the six lawsuits filed against us in the past month or so. Do it to send a message to Trudeau, to Klaus Schwab, to Hamas, to the transgender extremists and all the other bullies we fight against every day.

And do it out of love for what Canada could be and should be — a land of freedom and justice and prosperity.

A birthday gift 

Please make a donation on this page and help us celebrate our ninth birthday by making a symbolic $9 or $90 gift. Or if you can, $199. Or if you really want to stick it to Trudeau and the six destroyers who have sued us, you can even chip in $999. I promise that we’ll put that to good use — by fighting for freedom every day.

I’m also almost done my new book! (Hint: it’s about Trudeau.) It will be out in the spring. For every donation of $250 or more, we’ll make sure to send you a hand-signed copy of the book hot off the presses! What a great opportunity — stick it to Trudeau, support Rebel News and get a collector’s version of my next book!

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