Health Canada says they’re reviewing Pfizer’s trickling release of safety data, but the timeline doesn’t add up

The agency says that there are no new safety concerns following the hundreds of thousands of pages of previously sealed documents released by the US FDA through court order – yet many documents were released after Health Canada is said to have concluded it’s review.

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Conservative MP Colin Carrie recently pressed Health Canada about the release of Pfizer documents through a U.S. court order, and their response doesn’t offer much reassurance that they’re staying up to date with the science.

Carrie inquired with health regulatory agencies to test their knowledge of the Pfizer data release(s) known as the “Pfizer Documents,” through a recent order paper question (OPQ) in the House of Commons.

The documents that he refers to came about by way of a freedom of information request filed by a group of doctors in the United States called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.

They filed their request with the US Food and Drug Administration to obtain the COVID-manufacturers' COVID vaccine safety data (namely, Pfizer’s) that was used to authorize the novel injections.

The FDA originally said that they would release 500 pages per month in response after they attempted to delay the release of the data for 75 years.

Seeing through this filibuster of injustice, a judge ordered the safety data to be released at a rate of at least 55,000 pages, every month.

Carrie inquired about this data and if Health Canada is reviewing it. In his OPQ, he specifically asks about the document titled 5.3.6 CUMULATIVE ANALYSIS OF POST-AUTHORIZATION ADVERSE EVENT REPORTS.

It’s a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine reaction report that showed troubling adverse events outcomes, especially for unborn babies whose mothers had taken the vaccine during pregnancy, and includes neonatal and spontaneous death.

Doctor Shoemaker had previously joined Rebel News to denounce the exact same findings and data that show that out of 29 outcomes in pregnant women, 28 resulted in the loss/death of the baby.

In response to Carrie, Health Canada said that they are “aware of the ongoing release of these documents” but their internal reviews of manufacturer reports “did not identify new safety concerns.”

Health Canada claimed that they began these reviews “on January 15, 2021, and completed [them] on April 4, 2021.”

And yet according to the website of the physicians obtaining these documents, document 5.3.6 wasn’t even released until November 17, 2021 – that’s seven months after Health Canada is said to have completed their safety review.

Rebel News inquired about this discrepancy with Health Canada, asking if they were aware of the specific post-authorization report. If they were, when did they first become aware of it and who is responsible for reviewing the report? And did the public recommendations change based on the review of the said report? Why or why not?

Communications Officer Nicholas Janveau responded that “the team is looking into [the] questions and likely won’t have a response ready for the deadline provided but will respond as soon as possible.”

This is odd, considering that they already responded to MP Carrie’s question which was asking almost the exact same thing.

Perhaps this will prompt an actual review of the data instead of regurgitated "safe and effective" talking points.

Since it stands to reason that out of over 1,000 documents released with hundreds of pages contained within each, is it really realistic to believe that Health Canada conducted a thorough review of hundreds of thousands of pages worth of data after less than three months?

And if they did, why can’t they review a 38-page document within 24 hours? Especially if they’re aware of the release and conducted internal reviews.

Similarly to what happened with the FDA, Health Canada began receiving submissions of potential COVID-19 vaccines for approval in October 2020, which they authorized for administration to the public on December 9, 2020.

That’s roughly 90 days to conduct a thorough review of hundreds of thousands of pages of data… either the process was rushed to begin with, or there wasn’t actually a lot of data to review.

Well, now there is. Are they adequately reviewing it?

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