Ontario physician joins growing list of dissenting medical professionals

Licensed Ontario physician denounces COVID vaccines, highlights alarming safety signals and condemns the suppression of early treatment options.

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Joining a growing list of dissenters, yet another licensed Ontario physician has come forward to denounce the handling of COVID-19.

Dr. Christopher Alan Shoemaker is a 45-year veteran doctor who spent the majority of his medical career practicing family and emergency medicine. Most recently, Shoemaker worked throughout 2020 to 2022 providing direct patient care at an Ottawa COVID care clinic and was part of the Eastern Ontario COVID-19 Response Team.

Hesitant to refer to the COVID injections as vaccines, Dr. Shoemaker joins other global experts in calling for a global end to the COVID injectables.

He sounds the alarm on Pfizer’s own documents — only released as per a court order after the FDA tried to suppress the data for 75 years — which show that out of 29 outcomes in pregnant women, 28 resulted in the loss/death of the baby.

Shoemaker refers to the overall response as a “travesty” which is further compounded by physicians being stripped of their ability to prescribe early treatment options. He says that “doctors could try an off-label drug, usually, for their patients, prior to 2020.”

Referring back to U.S. military documents uncovered by Project Veritas that confirm the safety and efficacy of early treatment drugs, the documents also show alarming findings around the development of Sars-Cov-2.

When questioned about his only recent dissenting, Shoemaker pauses to remind me, “I’m a doctor, I’m trying to save peoples lives and I know that these pseudo-vaccines, these genomic bio-agents only create immune damage. I’ve seen it, I’ve read it. I’ve seen what’s happening in Israel where their population is developing VAEDS — a Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease state where people are going into the ER and ICU and dying with AIDS-like loss of immune function, AIDS-like parasites taking over their bodies, neurologic consequences, all because the vaccines are so toxic.”

To drive this point home, concerning findings emerge as more data continues to be collected around the safety (or lack thereof) profile of the COVID injections in Britain. A dissection of official government data showed that children were 52 times more likely to die following a COVID shot. Shoemaker gives context to this by comparing it to a utility bill: “If your internet bill goes up 5200%, from $200/month to $10,400 — it’s a pretty crass example — but it’s a huge number, a horrible number.”

“Parents are burying 16- and 17-year-olds because this vaccine causes vascular endotheliitis and children die in their sleep or they die playing soccer or hockey,” Shoemaker cautions.

Coupled with the ~1% efficacy as per an absolute risk reduction analysis, Shoemaker asks “if a medication is doing that much harm, how can it possibly be continued?"

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