Health Minister Mark Holland peddles COVID booster misinformation

Canada’s Health Minister, who is supposed to be entrusted with safeguarding public health, has spread reckless misinformation in response to inquiries about low COVID-19 booster uptake in Canada, revealing a concerning contradiction: the very authority that is appointing itself to regulate information and censor misinformation, is itself a source of it.

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Federal Minister of Health Mark Holland recently encouraged all Canadians to receive the latest COVID-19 booster formulations, espousing that they are “remarkably safe,” even though they are still in clinical trials to determine just that.

Minister Holland referred to the boosters as a “miracle of science” that has saved tens of millions of lives before concluding that they’re not only protective against the latest variants but also that we should all agree on their safety.

According to Canada’s own regulatory decision for the latest Moderna Spikevax authorization, these “new formulations” are still undergoing safety and efficacy assessments through clinical trials.

“The safety, reactogenicity, and immunogenicity of Spikevax XBB.1.5 are evaluated in an ongoing Phase 2/3 open-label study in participants 18 years of age and older (study mRNA-1273-P205, Part J),” it reads.

The clinical trial isn’t estimated to conclude until November 17.

When that data will be publicly available is anyone’s guess so how does Minister Holland make such clear assertions if the clinical trial to determine the safety and efficacy of these new formulations remains ongoing?

Minister Holland also spouts the ridiculous notion that millions of lives were saved internationally through the use of these novel mRNA products, something that came from an imaginary scenario modelled by Watson et al.

Titled, “Global Impact of the First Year of COVID-19 Vaccination,” the mathematical modelling study was published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases in September of 2022.

The findings themselves say that “based on official reported COVID-19 deaths, we estimated that vaccinations prevented 14.4 million deaths” which rose to “19.8 million deaths from COVID-19 averted when [they] used excess deaths as an estimate of the true extent of the pandemic.”

Unsurprisingly, in what should be a clear conflict of interest, the modelling study was funded entirely by vaccine-propagating organizations that profit from their use.

Funders included the Schmidt Science Fellowship in partnership with the Rhodes Trust, which began a project in 2022 to promote COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and uptake in South Africa; the World Health Organization who are leveraging total biomedical surveillance through the use of global digital health certificates; Vaccine Alliance GAVI, which partners with Pfizer to ensure infants and children in least-developed countries get vaccinated; the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which funds all of the above; the National Institute for Health Research; and Community Jameel.

As pointed out by Denis Rancourt and Joseph Hickey in their debunking of this modelling, wherein they use real-world quantitative data, the entire basis of this claim is based on junk science.

Rancourt and Hickey dissected Watson’s modelling parameters and compared them with actual all-cause mortality and excess mortality data dating back to 2018. They then cross-referenced that with COVID-19 injection rollout data, quantifying the consequences of Watson’s theoretical scenario on all-cause mortality in the same 95 countries.

Hickey and Rancourt call Watson’s low-value scenario “palpably absurd” in their analysis.

The modelling suggests a disproportionate and massive national excess in all-cause mortality that would have tripled actual all-cause mortality during the first year of the vaccine rollout. And, oddly, not at all before.

The graphs published by Rancourt and Hickey show no significant changes in all-cause mortality following the World Health Organization's declaration of a deadly global pandemic in March 2020.

In fact, instead of confirming Watson’s modelling, they show a proportional rise in excess mortality linked to the vaccine rollouts; countering the notion that the vaccine led to any sort of decrease in mortality.

Hickey and Rancourt found the same thing happened in the United States, Europe, Finland, Norway, Qatar, Singapore, etcetera.

These are not anomalies.

Hickey and Rancourt conclude that their “calculations provide graphical proof that the theoretical proposals of Watson et al. are untenable, and are not even partially correct.”

They call the Watson et al scenario “incompatible with reality” and criticize the legacy-journal peer review system as being scientifically illiterate.

Yet, the legacy media reinforced these claims with their reporting that the COVID-19 vaccines saved tens of millions of lives worldwide, and this was all further strengthened by the awarding of the Nobel Prize in medicine to the scientists who developed the messenger RNA platform.

All of which is now being regurgitated unabated by Health Minister Holland who is responsible for overseeing health-focused government agencies and advising policies and perspectives.

He can spread misinformation unrestricted because in Canada we have a bought and paid-for legacy media that dare not question the powers that be since they are also the hands that feed.

This is a minister from the same Liberal government that is keen to censor and moderate what you find online, deeming anyone who questions the consensus as dangerous conspiracy theorists with unacceptable views.

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