HIDDEN CAMERA: The Age Chief Reporter BUSTED for Fake News

Avi Yemini gave Chip Le Grand every opportunity to correct the record.

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In December 2020, I filed a story for Rebel News about a suspect trade promotion involving Lance Simon and his gangland lawyer wife, Zara Garde-Wilson.

Understandably, miss Garde-Wilson wasn't happy with my report. It was pretty damning.

Garde-Wilson filed defamation proceedings in the federal court attempting to force us to remove the story entirely and pay her damages.

Ezra Levant instructed our legal team to fight the baseless lawsuit at any cost and not to delete the story.

Interestingly, I'd only become aware of the lawsuit via a laughable article in The Age written by one chief reporter for The Age, Chip Le Grand.

I happened to bump into the chief reporter in the media section at a lockdown protest recently. It was the perfect opportunity to confront Le Grand about his chief fake news.

This week, Zarah Garde-Wilson settled her defamation case against Rebel and me without getting a cent or (more importantly) NOT getting the article and video removed as she desired.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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