Lance Simon arrested for alleged threat to kill Avi Yemini

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Victoria Police have arrested Lance Simon, the husband of gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson for his alleged threat to kill me.

Mr Simon posted a video on Facebook stating that "he's not going to stop until one of us is dead or in jail".

I reported the matter to the police as soon as I received the threat.

In 2011, Lance stabbed a man to death but was found not guilty on self-defence grounds, so I took his threat seriously.

So did Victoria Police.

For several months, Zarah's husband has been obsessed with my work for Rebel News. He's been broadcasting daily videos in which he often defames us.

Mr Simons sits in front of a Garde-Wilson Lawyers banner and spouts all sorts of wild allegations.

It didn't bother me as lots of people lie about me online, and I'm used to it.

If you watched his videos, it was a lot of talk and no actual evidence to back up his ridiculous claims. Anyone with half a brain could see that.

However, last Thursday night Mr Simon made a claim about himself, not me, that as a journalist I had to investigate.

The husband of gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson made a video claiming to be an ambassador to the Royal Children Hospital.

In an email, the hospital promptly denied Mr Simon's claim:

"The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) has no involvement with Lance Simon nor do we have ambassadors at the RCH.

I note in the Facebook video Mr Simon indicated he would be visiting the RCH today however he will not be able to enter as we have a number of COVID-19 visitor restrictions". The statement read.

Mr Simon then removed his initial video and replaced it with another saying he was an ambassador of Melbourne JetSki Hire.

In another video, Mr Simon claims Melbourne JetSki Hire is running a "fundraiser for the hospital".

Melbourne JetSki Hire is running a promotion where you can buy tickets, and their site states "a portion of your ticket purchase will go to them [Royal Children Hospital]".

Commercial raffles are illegal in Victoria.

The promoters claim it is not a raffle; instead, it's a trade lottery.

When I called the regulator, they expressed concern as companies cannot sell tickets in a trade lottery with a prize pool over $5,000.

Melbourne JetSki Hire's prize pool is valued at $45,000.

Gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson distance herself from the company in an email, even though her husband claimed in a video that she'd recommended he become the online promoter.

The lottery is registered to Garde-Wilson Lawyers' office and is operated by Zarah's law clerk Mitchell Fraser.


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