How much did the UN climate change conference cost Canadian taxpayers?

Based on the data, ECCC spent $792,000 in expenses, including nearly a quarter of a million dollars in flights and $11,000 in 'other' travel.

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Every year, all the people who tell us that we need to park our SUVs and ride a bike everywhere to stop the rising tides of the oceans, all in the name of fighting climate change. 

And largely, the Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for all Canadians that go at the request or invitation of the government. 

Now, to get the data about how much these UN events cost you, I have to file access to information requests across multiple ministries. Because multiple ministries send dozens, sometimes hundreds of people to these things. 

Again, all in the interest of fighting climate change that they tell me, is caused by unnecessary fossil fuel travel. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) generally leads the way. Now I can show you how much ECCC spent to go to their week-long climate catastrophist party that took place in Glasgow, Scotland, last November. 

We're able to do this through your generous crowdfunded donations to a special research website,  

Based on the data, ECCC spent $792,000 in expenses, including nearly a quarter of a million dollars in flights and $11,000 in “other” travel. 

That's a lot of flights and “other” travel when we're worried about the end of all life as we know it in 12 years or 8 years or whatever the doomsday clock has us at. 

In addition to the Minister of Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, and all the government staff and opposition MPs like Jagmeet Singh, for some reason, Canadian taxpayers also paid a bunch of anti-Canadian environmentalists to be there, including Eriel Deranger, who has been leading the charge against the trans mountain pipeline expansion.

That's the pipeline the federal government bought, telling people they bought it to build it but based on who they're taking to these conferences, they probably bought it to kill it.

How do you feel knowing you've been put on the hook for over 3/4 of a million dollars to send these carbon-taxing hypocrites and anti-Canadian activists across the world to lobby against Canadian jobs?

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