How Pfizer’s shot changed one young man’s life forever

29-year-old Andrew Ritzmann details his gruelling battle to navigate vaccine injury as he struggles to survive.

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Andrew Ritzmann was a healthy, 29-year-old electrical supervisor when he took Pfizer’s COVID-19 injection that changed his life forever.

The months and years that followed have seen him in and out of hospital and referred to various specialists.

Ritzmann began showing signs of kidney failure within 12 days of receiving his shot. He experienced extreme swelling in his extremities, making it painful to walk. This was compounded by heart and lung issues that affected his ability to do everyday mundane tasks like climbing a ladder at work.

This resulted in Ritzmann ultimately losing his job. “Unionized electricians are expensive,” Ritzmann says. “So if you’re not making the company money, then you’ve got to go.”

Ritzmann finally received a medical vaccine exemption after being stonewalled by various specialists and medical professionals.

He was diagnosed with pericarditis and a slew of other afflictions. Ritzmann explains:

Pericarditis caused glomerulonephritis, which is the kidney failure. So, because my lungs were no longer absorbing oxygen properly, it caused my heart to work harder, and then that caused my kidneys to fail. So my final diagnosis is Type 3 Lupus, which means lupus induced by an allergic reaction from an immunization.

Chemotherapy for the kidney issues caused a whole host of additional issues.

“At one point I had seizures that were so violent, it broke both shoulders and dislocated them,” explains Ritzmann. “I needed bilateral shoulder surgery for them. And that happened right in front of my six-year-old son. So that was obviously very traumatic for him.”

Ritzmann is now trying to navigate a bloated bureaucracy to have his adverse event following immunization formally documented, in order to receive compensation from the federally instituted Vaccine Injury Support Program.

The Canada Pension Plan disability benefit won’t cover his particular case, despite his inability to work as a licensed electrician due to seizure risk.

Novel COVID-19 injections were mandated and pushed heavily by Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government through a coercive vaccine passport system in 2021.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore advised that spaces restricted to only those doubly vaccinated would be “safer.” He then backpedalled, stating that the government never intended for their “policy framework” to be an indiscriminate mandate. All that, only after his rhetoric undoubtedly fanned the flames of medical apartheid in the province.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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