HUGE lockdown protest in small Ontario town — aggressive counter protesters disrupt the rally

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We suspect Aylmer Mayor Mary French is a big fan of the 2002 movie, Minority Report. Do you remember that slice of sci-fi, in which Tom Cruise heads up the pre-crimes unit” — a squad that is dispatched to arrest persons that MIGHT commit crime in the near future?

Why else would Mayor French declare a state of emergency last Saturday for this little town of 7,500 in southwestern Ontario?

Did Mayor French believe that the several hundred anti-lockdown people who assembled at the community centre were Antifa types, hell-bent on creating chaos and calamity in Aylmer? After all, many of these people were members of #YahooNation, who have been peacefully protesting the Wuhan virus lockdown in Toronto since April without incident. Another significant contingent were the members of the Church of God.

So, really, the odds of these people throwing Molotov cocktails during their assembly and their march downtown would make even the most reckless gambler cringe.

But then again, Mayor French was partly correct.

You see, there was indeed vulgarity, vandalism and violence near the rec centre that day. Not from the anti-lockdown protesters, mind you; rather, from some members of a counter-protest held across the street.

Indeed, while I was conducting interviews with the counter-protesters, at one point a man charged at me, grabbed my hands, stole my microphone, and then destroyed the mic by throwing it on the ground, making it unusable.

Aylmer Police were quick to respond, but incredibly, they did not arrest the thug because they were too busy keeping order, even though the demonstration in the parking lot of the rec centre was completely orderly.

Oh, the cops did have time to hand out tickets for Highway Traffic Act violations. If an anti-lockdown demonstrator in a parade moving at 3km/h did not buckle up — pow! Here’s a ticket and have a nice day.

But if someone on the other side assaults a reporter and vandalizes property? Nothing to see here, folks, move along… But then again, double standards and hypocrisy was the order of the day in Aylmer.

For example, prior to the demonstration, a CBC report noted that London Mayor Ed Holder said he hoped “no one from London attends this rally, and that no one from London opens their home to people who choose to attend this rally.

Isn’t that interesting? Because on August 29, hundreds of people attended a Black Lives Matter rally right in the city of London. And not only was that particular gathering NOT condemned by politicians or health officials, but some London city councillors actually attended and spoke at the demonstration!

Obviously, the message here is that the Wuhan virus is incredibly intelligent, and it is able to tell the difference between various protests. Thus, the Wuhan virus harmlessly drifts away when a BLM demonstration is ongoing, but the virus gets enraged when an anti-lockdown apparently as deadly and as contagious as ebola…

Hmm... maybe we're all doomed after all...

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