Iconic Aussie cricket scoreboard gets woke 'gender-neutral' makeover

Adelaide Oval's historic scoreboard adopts gender-neutral language, replacing 'batsmen' with 'batting' to align with modern cricket rule changes.

Iconic Aussie cricket scoreboard gets woke 'gender-neutral' makeover
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One of Australia's most iconic cricket venues has updated its scoreboard to embrace gender-neutral terminology, aligning with recent changes in the Laws of Cricket.

The traditional term 'batsmen' has been replaced with 'batting' in a move claimed to reflects the sport's woke push.

This alteration precedes the upcoming Women's Big Bash League matches at Adelaide Oval, with the venue set to host the highly anticipated final on Saturday.

Erected in 1911, the heritage-listed scoreboard stands as a testament to the original ground amid extensive redevelopment last decade.

The Laws of Cricket officially adopted gender-neutral language in 2021, introducing 'batter' and 'batters' in place of 'batsman' and 'batsmen.'

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  • By Avi Yemini

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