ICU nurse: "This is no way to be living"

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ICU nurse, Olivia Ascenzo is speaking out after her parents Gary and Sue Paciocco, were forcibly detained for no reason upon returning home to Melbourne.

The couple travelled to Byron Bay for the New Year while still declared a "green-zone" and left to the Gold Coast before the 11.59 pm deadline on the 1st of January.

But when the couple landed back in Melbourne on the 7th, police, army and health officials were waiting and forced the confused pair into hotel quarantine.

For five days, they fought for their freedom.

Mr Paciocco tried everyone from DHHS to Daniel Andrews himself.

His stepdaughter and ICU nurse Olivia Ascenzo also contacted the COVID hotline on numerous occasions.

"We were palmed off every time", Olivia told Rebel News.

"I'm not denying COVID is a thing, but we can't continue living like this. This is no way to be living", the ICU nurse added.

Another wrongly imprisoned traveller claims she didn't receive food for 24 hours and had to beg for water.

Thousands of Victorians are still stranded, unable to get home after holidaying interstate.

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