If O'Toole loses, is it time to bring back Stephen Harper?

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With the potential for an election this year, and the Conservative Party trailing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party in the polls, a natural question arises: what comes next?

Former leader Andrew Scheer seemingly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Trudeau, unable to capitalize on scandals that would have ended in defeat for most incumbents. The Conservative Party went back to the drawing board, held a nomination process to select a new leader, and came out with Erin O'Toole.

O'Toole's performance so far has been shaky at best. He campaigned as a “true blue” conservative against his top rival, the more liberal leaning Peter MacKay.

After he won the nomination O'Toole eventually banished former leadership contender and social conservative Derek Sloan from the party. Popular MP Pierre Poilievre received a demotion and isn't even among the speakers at the Conservative Party's national convention. 

O'Toole, who once spoke about his opposition to cancel culture, even ruled out working with us here at Rebel News.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra laid out his idea for the Conservative Party moving forward — should O'Toole lose the next election.

As Ezra explains, the party should try to convince former prime minister Stephen Harper to come out of political retirement, and take the reigns:

Is the Conservative Party doomed to an eternity in Opposition? Could Justin Trudeau do what his father Pierre Trudeau did and govern for pretty much 16 years? That was Pierre Trudeau from 1968–1984 with only a brief break in there for Joe Clark.

What should Conservatives do? Who has the policy smarts? Who has the true conservative beliefs that would unite the party both — fiscal conservatives and social conservatives, populists and downtown Toronto fancy-pants? Who can do that? Who's strong enough to stare down the media when they're just giving him a rough time? Definitely Erin O'Toole is not.

Who has the name recognition to instantly take a jump in the polls? And whose personal temperament, whose personality is a fit for these troubled times? 

I know a guy. His name is Stephen Harper.

To sign the petition showing your support to bring back Stephen Harper if O'Toole fails, visit www.BringBackHarper.comRebel News will hand that petition off to the former prime minister when it reaches critical mass.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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