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“If we don't push back now, the consequences are going to be catastrophic”: Home decor biz owner says

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Alexandra Stewart, owner and operator of Stewart's Decorating in North Bay, Ontario, first came to Rebel News through our portal at

But before we could even feature our report on her paint and décor store, local police and health officials fined her $750 under the Reopening Ontario Act! The irony is that Alexandra was open — seems like a poorly-suited name for a law responsible for fining businesses that want to be open.

In this interview, Alexandra and I discuss her recorded altercation with police. She presented them with the Mission Statement and a“Where Do You Draw The Line/Remember Your Oath” print out from the organization Police on Guard For Thee, as well as a highlight of the Legal Rights section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Alexandra says that she refuses to close her doors despite these intimidation tactics, and believes that the time to take a stand is now. She worries about the future if more people do not stand in solidarity against these lockdowns, which people are becoming aware are causing more harm than good.

More and more people like Alexandra have questions about the data and rationale being used to justify such strict impositions, and their line of thinking seems sensible and reasonable. After all, Alexandra is in a region that remains in the most restricted level of full shutdown by Doug Ford’s government — even though the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit has recorded a total of THREE COVID-19 deaths, after nearly a year of fluctuating restrictions.

Now that Alexandra is part of our other portal to resist COVID restrictions at Fight The Fines, I wanted to take this opportunity to interview the latest addition to our legal team: lawyer Joshua Halpern.

We discuss this case and the general unconstitutionality of the impositions everyone is facing, in what many see as gross government overreach and indiscriminate health diktats.

One theme remains constant in my reporting: both legal and health professionals are calling for a more balanced approach.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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