Father & son explain why they rallied for gun rights in Ottawa — Integrity March (Part One)

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On Saturday afternoon, the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) organized the Integrity March on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Rebel News was there with two reporters to bring you the other side of the story, because you just can't trust the mainstream media to tell the truth, especially about the nation's hundreds of thousands of legal gun owners.

This is only the first in a series of video reports from this historic march. In this video, I spoke to a father and son who came to stand up for their shared passion, and for freedom.

The CCFR explained the march was demanding integrity from Canadian politicians in their decision making, regarding the order in council passed by Justin Trudeau's Liberals May 1, to use the pandemic and the tragedy of the Nova Scotia mass shooting to ban over 1500 popular models of Canadian shotguns and firearms.

The march comes on the heels of the closing of the largest parliamentary e-petition in Canadian history:

E- petition 2574 sponsored by Calgary Conservative MP Michelle Rempel collected nearly 231,000 signatures against the gun ban in just four months.

March organizer Tracey Wilson of the CCFR estimated 5,000 people from all across Canada convened on the Hill before the march, an amazing feat given the COVID-19 pandemic, reduced flights, and regulations requiring hotels to limit the number of rooms they rent.

It was the largest Canadian pro-firearms rights rally in decades.

One Conservative MP was in attendance: long time firearms rights advocate Bob Zimmer, from Prince George - Peace River.

I was there with my Rebel News colleagues, Yanky Pollak and Tamara Ugolini, to bring you the other side of the story; the truth:

CBC downplayed the crowd estimates by thousands, reporting only 800 people were on the Hill. You can for yourself in my video just how many people were really there.

We spoke to moms and dads, veterans, business owners, and even non gun owners, who don't believe law abiding Canadians should be scapegoated for the ongoing social justice policing failures happening in Canada's major cities.

We wanted to be there in Ottawa to make sure that the peaceful, reasonable, freedom loving Canadians — who, unlike what we see with left wing protests, left Parliament Hill just as clean and tidy as it was before they got there — were treated fairly and accurately, instead of demonized and maligned by the mainstream media.

As a gun owner myself, I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

Flying three reporters to Ottawa from across Canada was expensive. If you support our independent journalism, please help offset our costs by donating at HandsOffOurGuns.ca.

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