Is Sneaky Patrick Brown and his henchmen behind the Mark Saunders campaign?

Reliable sources have tipped off Rebel News that ex-Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is Mayor Brown’s candidate of choice.

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Is Team Sneaky Patrick Brown up to their usual shenanigans yet again, this time when it comes to the Toronto mayoral byelection?

It could be… at least, according to reliable sources that have tipped off Rebel News that Brown and his cronies are heavily involved in the Toronto mayor’s race.

Granted, the premise does seem a tad weird. Patrick Brown is the failed Progressive Conservative who was so close to becoming Premier of Ontario in 2018.

He is also the failed contender for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Brown was disqualified after he allegedly used money orders to purchase memberships and allowed non-compliant membership sales through a portal.

That’s the thing about Brown: despite all of his scheming and shenanigans, he always seems to finish second, doesn’t he? A distant second. Sneaky Patrick so desperately wants that swank luxury car, but alas, he always has to settle for those chintzy kitchen utensils…

So, what’s the deal when it comes to the Toronto mayoral byelection? Well, reliable sources have tipped off Rebel News that ex-Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is Mayor Brown’s candidate of choice.

Saunders ran as a PC candidate in Don Valley West in last year’s provincial election, and somehow he managed to lose to a Liberal candidate. How bizarre: Doug Ford’s PCs scored a super-majority government, yet Saunders lost to a candidate with a party that doesn’t even have official party status!

In any event, one of the known knowns is that Saunders is surely Premier Ford’s choice for mayor. As for Brown’s connection to Saunders, that remains a little unclear. Then again, like Ford, Brown used to be a Progressive Conservative, and someone who was headed to the Premier’s chair until his own party thankfully rebelled against the Sneaky One. So there is that connection.

And like Ford, Brown is very chummy these days with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Check out this photo of Mayor Brown, Prime Minister Blackface and – holy cow! – it’s the International Man of Mystery himself, Babu!

Babu Nagalingam is Brown’s Chief of Staff. As you may recall, we exposed the off-the-books secret campaign headquarters of Patrick Brown last year when he was vying to become the federal Conservative leader. And Babu was there almost every day… Well, to be perfectly accurate, his ivory-hued Audi SUV was there every day. In theory, Babu could’ve been playing indoor soccer at the rec facility across the parking lot.

And low and behold, we caught Brown himself making an appearance at the secret campaign HQ, which led to an OJ Simpson kind of car chase as he hightailed it all the way back to Brampton – and called the police on Lincoln Jay and me for… yeah, for what, actually?

In any event, again, we’re not totally certain why Brown is allegedly so gung-ho to see Saunders become the next mayor of Hogtown, but I’m sure he has his reasons.

But here is what’s happening behind the scenes according to our sources: Babu has strong connections with Toronto’s Tamil community and we’ve been told that there might be a boiler room operation set up somewhere in Scarborough, much like that secret Vaughan CPC HQ. As the story goes, Members of the Tamil community – some of whom don’t even speak English – are allegedly being recruited by Babu’s team to vote for Saunders. As the allegations go, mail-in ballots are filled out for these folks; all that’s required to seal the deal is a signature, and then it is off to the mailbox, no muss, no fuss…

According to the city of Toronto, the deadline for mail-in voting applications was May 26 at 4:30 p.m. On deadline day, approximately 38,000 people had applied and received a package to vote by mail.

Now, 38,000 votes may not sound like a huge number when there are 1.89 million eligible voters in Toronto. But consider this: In last fall’s municipal election, the voter turnout was a dismal 29%. Which means that if indeed the lion’s share of those 38,000 mail-in ballots are going to be cast for one of the front-running candidates, this could be huge.

Indeed, this could be key in Saunders’s path to victory.

Many are speaking of leftist candidate Olivia Chow as being the prohibitive favourite – if you believe the polls, that is. But what if we wake up on June 27 and find out that out of nowhere Saunders was elected Mayor. And what if a disproportionate number of ballots for Saunders – especially from Scarborough – turn out to be of the mail-in variety? Would that strike you a little, you know… fishy?

Watch the report for the full story!

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