Is the Toronto District School Board ‘hostile’ and intimidating?

Journalist Sue-Ann Levy from True North speaks on the ongoing culture of fear in the Toronto District School Board and threats of a teacher's strike.

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Guest Host David Menzies said that "when one thinks of a school board, one would imagine that such an organization is staffed with dedicated education, and professional professionals."

"And then there was the Toronto District School Board, apparently this entity is hostile and downright intimidating to any person who offers up an opinion that runs contrary to the woke mob running the TDSB," added David.

David was joined by journalist Sue-Ann Levy from True North to discuss her article, 'The TDSB’s “culture of terror” under Colleen Russell-Rawlins' and to discuss what is still happening in the school system.

David said that a respected education consultant named Margaret Wilson "reviewed the TDSB way back in 2015, stating that 'culture of fear' is so endemic to the board that many staff are too afraid to use board email addresses out of concern of being monitored."

"The TDSB was in the news very recently regarding a tragedy? Is that a crime? But we're talking about the principal, Richard Bilkszto who took his own life. But a lot of people allege that this man, who was a good man and a good principal and a good teacher, was essentially bullied to death," David stated.

Sue-Ann Levy added:

He was railroaded. He was he was a white principal, he actually happened to be gay as well, although that was kept rather quiet.

He had officially retired a couple of years ago and then worked casually and was well recognized.

And he signed up for one of those diversity, equity and inclusiveness sessions. There were four segments of it and the sessions were led by Kike Ojo Thompson, who when you asked me about Colleen Russell Rollins, who was the contractor of choice at the Peel District School Board, so she was brought in to do similar sessions in Peel and then Colleen Russell Rollins brought her over to the Toronto District School Board to do these equity sessions, which ended up being just, you know, abusive sessions.

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