Islamic cleric, who held prayers with Aussie PM, celebrates Hamas attack

Cleric’s alarming statements come after Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese thanked the Imam council for supporting his Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Islamic cleric, who held prayers with Aussie PM, celebrates Hamas attack
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Controversial Islamic cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Dadoun openly celebrated Hamas’s recent attack on Israel during a Muslim community event in Lakemba.

Dadoun, who labeled the attack as “a day of courage” and “victory,” spoke at a recent Iftar dinner attended by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

During his speech at the event, Albanese thanked the Australian National Imams Council for their support for the Voice to Parliament, saying they "are very much at the heart of the story of this great nation."

Several media commentators have expressed concern, highlighting Dadoun’s repugnant views and questioning his influence on national leaders.

As the nation stands with Israel in condemning the attacks, there is a growing call to reject intolerance and hatred within Australia.

The Australian National Imam Council, where Dadoun previously worked, refused to condemn his statements.

The Hamas incursion led to the tragic loss of innocent lives and sparked a conflict between Israel and the terror group, causing widespread devastation.

Dadoun's enthusiastic support for the attack shocked many, especially as he addressed pro-Palestinian protestors in Sydney, expressing his joy and pride.

Despite the condemnation from various political figures, including Prime Minister Albanese, Dadoun’s alarming remarks have sparked debates about the balance of coverage, with some advocating for a comprehensive understanding of the conflict’s complexities.

These events unfolded shortly after Prime Minister Albanese’s visit to Lakemba Mosque, where he rallied support for the Voice to Parliament alongside senior members of the Australian National Imam Council.

The incident has intensified discussions within the Australian Muslim community, urging a reflection on their stance in the broader political landscape.

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