Dr. James Lindsay: Woke culture is tearing apart families

Author and mathematician Dr. James Lindsay joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the impact of 'woke' culture on families and society.

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Last week, Dr. James Lindsay joined The Ezra Levant Show to examine the ramifications of unchecked 'woke' ideology permeating through society. Dr. Lindsay is a fierce opponent of critical race theory and far-left ideologies like Marxism.

As stated by Dr. Lindsay, "Unfortunately, with the woke cult, it's actually a bit obvious, they're rather vicious to people who disagree with the doctrine. And in fact, maybe the most obvious sign that will reach a lot of people is in fact the level with which it divides families, not just friends but families."

"That's something you don't see anywhere short of religious or cult conviction, and I think that's the way you can get their attention. We see that the way people get pulled into this cult though is through moral and kind of social requirement," added Dr. Lindsay.

He went on to say, "I saw a colouring book that's used there in Ontario, somebody sent me today, with children. This colouring book that's paid for by the Canadian government, and it's of course just horrific and the last letter, Z,...is for 'Ze' 'Zir" pronouns. And it talks about the importance of initiating people through their pronouns. And so what you do is you get these children thinking, 'this is what's socially acceptable to do, this is what it means to be a good person.'"

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