Jason Kenney ejects anyone who dares criticize

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Last week, two Members of the legislative assembly, Todd Loewen and Drew Barnes, were ejected from the United Conservative Party caucus in the Alberta legislature.

Todd Loewen openly called for Premier Jason Kenney to resign due to his mismanagement of COVID-related measures, so his ejection was not entirely surprising, but many believe that Drew Barnes’ ejection came without warning or even a justifiable reason.

Drew Barnes has been a proponent of evidence-based measures that balance saving lives and saving livelihoods. He was looking forward to collaborating with his United Conservative Party colleagues on improving measures when he received word of his looming expulsion.

Despite the initial shock, Barnes felt that he would be able to move forward and represent his constituents with a new and unfettered conviction.

Many United Conservative Party caucus members reached out to Barnes following the unexpected ejection and expressed their opposition to the decision. It seems that the broad disapproval among Albertans towards Jason Kenney is also present among the elected representatives within his caucus.

I joined Drew to discuss the ejection, the state of Alberta under Jason Kenney, and the plan moving forward in his riding, Cypress-Medicine Hat.



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  • By Ezra Levant

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