Jewish groups granted injunction against aggressive anti-Israel protesters

Following hostile demonstrations outside of Jewish institutions in Quebec, an injunction has been granted against a number of pro-Hamas groups.

Jewish groups granted injunction against aggressive anti-Israel protesters
X/@guillaum3roy and X/@ThevoiceAlexa
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Jewish groups in Montreal have been granted an injunction against pro-Hamas demonstrators following tense protests outside of Jewish institutions.

On Tuesday, a pro-Hamas group had to be separated from a pro-Israel group by a line of police outside of the city's historic Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue.

Rebel News' Quebec team was on the scene, where videographer Guillaume Roy captured footage of both sides.

During that Tuesday afternoon rally, Rebel reporter Alexa Lavoie said she heard the pro-Hamas side chant “F*** Canada” and “Free Palestine” after the pro-Israel side sung O Canada.

The duelling demonstrations appeared to be a carry over from an incident on Monday evening, where Hamas supporters surrounded the Federation CJA building which was hosting an event featuring three Israeli Defense Force reservists.

The Monday night anti-Israel protest took on a hostile tone, as video shared on social media by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs showed the pro-Hamas crowd calling for “death to Israel, death to the Jews” in Arabic.

“These Islamist chants to kill Jews are a clear call for violence and show the underlying hatred of these demonstrations,” the organization said, calling on Quebec police to take action.

In another video shared to social media, which appeared to be from Tuesday night, a speaker on the pro-Hamas side warns that “After 75 years, all of you [Jews] are finally going to get kicked out of Palestine.”

“The state of Israel will be dismantled very soon, and all of you will be settlers, looking for a place to take you, just like when you came to Palestine," the masked speaker said.

But before Tuesday was over, Jewish groups had managed to obtain an injunction against several pro-Hamas groups responsible for the ongoing demonstrations.

Anti-Israel protests have been occurring across the country since the Hamas-led terror attack against the Jewish state on October 7, 2023.

Montreal has seen a number of egregious incidents since Oct. 7, including two firebombings at Jewish institutions as well as shots being fired at schools.

Rebel News is calling on the Trudeau Liberals to take action and deport non-citizens who are supporting Hamas, a designated terrorist entity in Canada since 2002. Sign our petition and help us raise awareness at

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