Jonathan Yaniv games system, bumps up court appearance, sends lawyer instead

Jonathan Yaniv had a court appearance scheduled at 2 p.m. February 10th in Surrey, British Columbia. But, in a shock to know one, he is still manipulating the system for his own benefit.

Yaniv was to appear regarding two counts of possession of a prohibited weapons stemming from an August incident on a live stream with trans YouTuber Blaire White, wherein Yaniv brandished a taser.

Just like last time, I flew out to cover the proceedings, and brought with me two security professionals so that I did it become just another one of Jonathan Yaniv's — or his out-of-control mothers' — victims.

I also hired a lawyer to ensure that I had access to the courtroom since the sheriffs had prevented Keean Bexte from reporting there in the past.

But Ol' Johnny Boy had a trick up his sleeve, one that would shelter himself from accountability one more time.

He had his newly retained lawyer appear at 9 a.m. to deal with the matter so that no journalist or concerned citizens could witness the court proceedings.

Yaniv wasted a lot of time and he wasted a lot of money but he's only made me more determined to be there to hold him accountable, something the CBC would never do.

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