Juan Mendoza asks the public about the Coast Guard dismissing un-jabbed servicemen

To compliment Juan's two-part report on the Coast Guard un-jabbed dismissal, he took to the streets to hear from the public. "I think that it is a very personal decision and that it should not limit people who seek to be part of the military," said one.

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Rebel News recently released an exclusive report showing how unvaccinated service members in the Coast Guard who applied for a medical and/or religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate were denied, even if they met the criteria given to them by the Coast Guard. The report also spoke of mistreatment and intimidation tactics used on them to get vaccinated against their will.

Part 1:

Part 2:

With the release of the recent exclusive report, Rebel News went to streets of Miami and asked people, both locals and tourists, about their thoughts on it and if they think vaccine mandates are okay even with people that request medical and/or religious exemption.

People in the streets of Miami condemned the actions of the coast guard regarding their denial of the medical and/or religious exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. "If you choose to not be vaccinated, I don't think that anybody should be told they have to. I am totally against that." a Miami local told Rebel News.

One person expressed his support for the vaccine mandates, but also acknowledged the right for medical or religious exemptions. "I think vaccine mandates are definitely in the public interest, but if you have a legitimate reason why you shouldn't have the vaccine, then I agree, but it should be a case-by-case basis. Clearly the government has its reasons." the Miami local told Rebel News.

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  • By Sarah Stock

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