EXCLUSIVE, Part 1: U.S Coast Guard Dismissing Unvaccinated Members Despite Medical & Religious Exemption Appeals

Documents from whistleblowers inside the U.S. Coast Guard show that there will be a 30 day separation or discharge period of personnel that did not get the COVID-19 vaccine starting August 25.

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This is a two part report. Part two is here.

Rebel News has obtained documents from whistleblowers inside the U.S. Coast Guard showing that there will be a 30 day separation or discharge period of personnel that did not get the COVID-19 vaccine starting August 25. Service members contacting Rebel News stated they saw this document around July 25.

A list of documents was shared with Rebel News consisting of ALCOAST 270/22, implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on Coast Guard personnel, as well as ALCOAST 131/22, which restricted liberty/leave for unvaccinated personnel.

Documents also show how people who were denied religious exemption are not allowed to re-apply for an appeal.

Sources inside the Coast Guard also notified Rebel News that everybody who applied for a medical or religious exemption were denied, even if they met the criteria for the exemption.

One source inside the U.S. Coast Guard, who wishes to stay anonymous, shared his documents showing the validity of his medical & religious accommodations, as well as the denials for both requests. The denials mentioned how his points were valid for the approval of the medical and/or religious accommodation, but states the achievement of the compelling government interest of "safety" as the reasoning for the denial.

Another U.S. Coast Guard member, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave Rebel News his documentation showing his denial, with the response looking very similar to the other denial sent to the other anonymous member.

A table from a recent lawsuit document filed by members of the U.S. Coast Guard shows that only 5 members of all branches of the military were approved in their religious accommodations request and only 4 were approved in their appeals.

Rebel News reached out to the U.S. Coast Guard for comment. Nicolina Converso, head of Media Relations of the U.S. Coast Guard, notified Rebel News that the request for comment had been received. As of August 2nd there has not been a reply after the initial email.

The U.S. Coast Guard is not the only branch in the military that has seen a dismissal of unvaccinated staff. Customs and Border Protections have also seen similar cases of members that refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine being dismissed for insubordination.

The dismissal of unvaccinated personnel come at a time period seeing record-high levels of illegal migrant encounters in the United States, with the 2022 fiscal year for Customs and Border Patrol seeing 2,002,604 total enforcement actions as of July 29, 2022.

This also comes at a time where there is an all-time low overall confidence in U.S. institutions, with a Gallup poll showing 27 percent of Americans expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in 14 major U.S. institutions, including the military.

Stay tuned to RebelNews.com for more updates about the dismissal of unvaccinated Coast Guard personnel.


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