Part Two: U.S Coast Guard Dismissing Unvaccinated Members; Coercing and Denying Benefits

"They basically took away our right to go home." Said one sailor. Another said, that his pension was denied and he was forbidden to pass his GI Bill benefits to his kids. "All you gotta do is get this little poke... and all your dreams will come true."

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This is part two of a two part report. Part one is here.

Unvaccinated members of the U.S. Coast Guard reached out to Rebel News to expose corrupt practices happening on the inside, from intimidation by senior medical staff, to travel limits, to the withholding of the GI Bill.

In the previous part we looked at the documents showing the vaccine mandates and the separation of unvaccinated members from the Coast Guard, as seen with the order ALCOAST 270/22. This time we go over other policies implemented to discriminate those members.

Unvaccinated Coast Guard members talked to Rebel News about travel restrictions that were specifically given to them 50-mile radius travel limit from their deployment location. "they basically took away our right to go home." one whistleblower told Rebel News. One member also reported the travel limit, but reported that in his case the restriction eventually changed to a 200-mile radius travel limit. These members also reported facing discrimination by being specifically under orders from higher-ups to wear masks at all times.

One whistleblower discussed the fact that he was not being given the opportunity to take the TAPS (Transitional Assistance Program) class, which teaches service members about their VA benefits and also helps them adapt into the civilian world.

The wife of one unvaccinated member also reported intimidation by senior medical staff on base as her husband was being interviewed regarding the risks and benefits of the coronavirus vaccine. The checklist for the religious exemption request required an interview with the senior medical staff to let the unvaccinated member make an informed decision. "This medical officer for 20 minutes berated him on the phone, asking him 'Is this the sword you're going to die on?'" the lady told Rebel News.

One member that reached out showed his greatest concern with his treatment being the Coast Guard not allowing him to transfer his GI bill to his family members unless he gets vaccinated by stating "I wasn't able to pass my GI bill on to my kids because I wasn't able to re-enlist. They're stopping me from being able to put my kids into college." He explained that after 4 years of service, the GI bill can be transferred to your children. Many service members don't do so since they're told if they make it past 10 years, they can transfer it to whomever they want.

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