Judge continues to be LENIENT to Jonathan Yaniv in illegal stun gun case

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On December 14, I went back to the Surrey Provincial Court to report to you on the latest update in the Jessica Jonathan Simpson Yaniv chronicles.

Spoiler alert! The courts gave Yaniv yet another break with the law, regarding an incident seen by millions when Yaniv brandished a restricted Taser on Blaire White’s YouTube show.

Yaniv wanted some of the probation conditions placed on him removed, and once again, the courts ruled in favour of the violent individual. It’s becoming more and more difficult to believe that Yaniv isn’t receiving special treatment for being born a biological male who now identifies as a transgender woman.

While it’s true that transgender people face a unique set of challenges, should these woes be repeatedly generalized in front of a judge, when a decision needs to be made on how the general public can best be protected from a repeated law breaker?

You can catch up on the whole bizarre history of Yaniv at YanivTrial.com, and find out why Yaniv receiving such special treatment isn’t at all surprising.

That’s also where you can become just as puzzled as I am as to how a violent person like Yaniv can continuously get off easy after breaking the law on many levels, including attacking two of my own colleagues for asking questions.

Click here to watch the full report and find out which of Yaniv’s probation charges were dropped, and what took place inside the courtroom.

Also, if you’d like to contribute to the many costs involved in reporting on Yaniv, including the two bodyguards that had to accompany me to court to ensure I’m not next on Yaniv’s assault-a-Rebel-News-reporter hit list, please donate at YanivTrial.com.

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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