Yaniv in court again; threatens disabled journalist upon leaving courthouse

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Jonathan Yaniv, Jessica Yaniv, or Jessica Simpson: no matter what name you know the serial litigator by, the bottom line is that when the self-proclaimed “trans activist” is nearby, the public needs to watch their backs.

As part of our ongoing reporting on Yaniv, who rose to international fame after taking aestheticians to a Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax his male genitalia, I went to the Surrey Provincial Courthouse in British Columbia on Tuesday, September 21.

This court appearance concerned Yaniv’s charges of being in possession of a non-firearm, unauthorized weapon. You may remember Yaniv flaunting a taser during a YouTube interview with Blaire White, despite having no authorization to possess such a weapon.

As has happened so many times before — you can visit YanivTrial.com for the details — Yaniv threatened bodily harm to someone outside the courthouse, this time, disabled online reporter Donald Smith, who is already embroiled in yet another case involving Yaniv.

WATCH my video to hear about what went on inside the courtroom, including the judge’s decision.

There will be another Yaniv report coming soon from Rebel News: another court appearance is scheduled this week, regarding Yaniv’s assault of our reporter Keean Bexte, right in front of this very same courthouse.

To help crowdfund our fight for justice in Keean’s case, visit YanivTrial.com

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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