WATCH: Staunch anti-Voice Kamahl UNLEASHES on Trump in new podcast

Iconic Australian entertainer slams former US President in fiery podcast episode.

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In a recent episode of The Opposition Podcast, hosts Avi Yemini and Rukshan Fernando found themselves in a heated debate with iconic Australian entertainer Kamahl over their differing views on the 45th US President, Donald Trump.

In the lively exchange, Kamahl took a strong stance against Trump, calling him a "traitor, a liar, a rapist," as Avi and Rukshan attempted to steer the conversation towards Trump's policies.

The discussion began with a stinging remark from Kamahl on the former US President:

"Ironically, they have a moron, a liar, a rapist, and a traitor as president for four years," he said.

The exchange set the tone for a contentious conversation where Kamahl expressed his strong disapproval of Trump's character, while the hosts focussed on policy matters.

Avi challenged Kamahl to specify which of Trump's policies he disagreed with, but Kamahl insisted that his personal opinion of Trump as an individual was enough to condemn him.

As the debate unfolded, Kamahl voiced his disappointment with Rupert Murdoch, suggesting that Murdoch played a significant role in Trump's rise to power. He criticised the media mogul for abusing his influence.

The hosts also tried to draw Kamahl's attention to other public figures, such as Bill Gates and Hunter Biden, to explore the issue of guilt by association. However, Kamahl remained steadfast in his critique of Trump.

Kamahl also used the podcast as an opportunity to confirm that, when it comes to Australia's proposed Indigenous Voice referendum, he's firmly in the 'No' camp and will be voting 'No, No, No!' to the government's plan, arguing it doesn't do enough to address the real issues faced by aboriginals.

The debate touched on various aspects of Trump's presidency, including his policies and his relationships with controversial figures like Jeffrey Epstein.

Kamahl stood by his belief that Trump was unfit for office, while the hosts emphasised the importance of examining his political decisions independently of a leader's character.

Kamahl's unwavering stance against Trump highlighted the emotional and deeply personal nature of political discourse in the modern era and the deepening divide in opinions surrounding the former US President.

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