Keep the statues and learn from history's mistakes: Canadians defend Sir John A. Macdonald

Last week we launched our petition to preserve and honour Canadian history by protecting and upholding Sir John A. Macdonald tributes and statues nationwide, which are now under threat by radicals who want to “cancel” our first prime minister and erase him from history.

I hit the streets to get a feel for what the general public thought of Sir John A. Macdonald. These days, it seems that many people are not comfortable having or voicing an opinion — on many things, but especially on a historical figure being targeted by the cancel culture mob that uses violent and extreme tactics.

Of the few people willing to go on camera for the cause, the consensus seemed to be that protecting and preserving Canada’s founding father is absolutely something we should be doing.

In a country facing increasing concerns about division, perhaps it’s time we take a page out of our history books and work towards unifying the provinces once again — the very vision that Sir John A. brought to reality for this country.

If you’d like to take a stand against the cancel culture mob and agree we should work to protect Canada’s rich history, sign our petition at